Iristel boasts one of Canada’s most resilient high‑redundancy networks.
Carry your sales inquiries, customer support calls, conferences and much more over a powerful, sophisticated network.
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With our own RespOrg, we make sure that the capacity you need is always there and the uptime your critical clients are demanding is the best in the industry. We have scaled the service to satisfy a wide range of options when it comes to reachability. Service can be available in the North American Dial Plan, including US only, Canada only, US plus Canada, US territories and Caribbean locations.
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Meet your DID maker
Our Espresso DID portal is one of the most versatile self-service portals in the industry. The LNP module allows you to:
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Our Espresso DID portal is one of the most versatile self-service portals in the industry. The LNP module allows you to:
  • Submit Simple LNP Requests (one or several numbers for the same customer).
  • Submit batch LNP Requests (Bulk Orders, different customers).
  • Search through the submitted Requests and follow the status.
  • Edit a “Pending”/”Rejected” Request.
  • Activate a Confirmed porting request automatically.
  • Cancel the porting requests if the customer no longer wants to port the number(s).
  • View the History of your requests.
In the long run, making use of our LNP API means that you will depend less on interaction with customer service.
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Iristel’s APIs are a suite of powerful tools for enabling you to keep most crucial processes in the spaces with which your team is already familiar. We have built the API to integrate the same functionalities as the portal with the added benefit of a dedicated API engineer to take care of your account. Enjoy increased response times and options to customize the client experience.
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Roll smoothly into the future
Port up to
20,000 numbers
Even from multiple carriers for a more seamless and faster experience.
Select the
exact date
Simply choose the date you are ready to move the numbers and it will happen.
of progress
Easily keep track of your orders and avoid any rejection issues.
Still have some questions about API integration?
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Toll Free Dipping - oh so sweet
In addition to our Toll Free Peering solution achieved via a direct peering with your equipment, we also offer a complete dipping solution for Toll Free traffic.
As soon as an 800 number is dialed, the LEC performs a data “dip” into the SMS/800 database maintaining these records, and transfers the call, along with information indicating the number dialed, to the carrier providing service for that 800 number.
Iristel has ensured a competitive and flexible way for companies to leverage our existing access to this tool. Implementation and initial investment for own dipping is not efficient for all companies, that is why our predictable and straightforward way of dealing with your dipping needs might be the solution.
Most importantly, you can depend on us
Toll Free numbers powered by Iristel.
of the ports occur precisely when the client wants it.
20+ Years
in service. Canada's CLEC with the most efficient coverage.
ordering and portability teams located on 3 continents.
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Prepared for you
Our agents are on standby
Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM
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