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Fully redundant.
Super reliable.
Iristel is a leader in SIP Trunking
Iristel’s main strength is in its Canadian coast to coast to coast CLEC network. Iristel’s CLEC network is one of the broadest networks in Canada, enabling access to the local loop in a wide range of rate centers across Canada. Iristel’s local loop is able to connect the ILEC switches, thus giving access to the proper local PSTN coverage over its VoIP network.
Iristel’s network is what powers many of the VoIP service providers that resell their services in Canada. Some examples of this can be OTT applications, re-seller local loop, Tier I Carriers with VoIP connectivity requirements portability requirements and white label solutions. Many local, international and alternative carriers and resellers utilize the Iristel network for their own local loop requirements in Canada.
Iristel is a long-standing VoIP Operator in Canada with interconnections to many of North America’s and Europe’s Tier I Carriers and PTTs. What this means is that Iristel has extensive knowledge, experience, network resources, physical interconnections and technical personnel to ensure the proper and reliable functioning of SIP Trunking services over a wholly redundant network.
How our SIP Trunking system is set up
Our Espresso DID portal is one of the most versatile self-service portals in the industry.
The LNP module allows you to:
  • Submit Simple LNP Requests (one
    or several numbers for the same customer).
  • Submit batch LNP Requests (Bulk Orders, different customers).
  • Search through the submitted Requests
    and follow the status.
  • Edit a “Pending”/”Rejected”
  • Activate a Confirmed porting
  • Cancel the porting requests if the customer no
    wants to port the number(s).
  • View the History of your requests.
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High-quality calling across North America—and capacity
is never
an issue. Our SIP Trunking can
be provisioned
in real time, installed and turned up remotely.
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Complete Control
Dedicated teams and portal for augmenting capacity whenever you needed. Add, remove and change IPs without hassle or extra charges.
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Cost Efficiency
We have the delivery and costing models to match your business needs. Trunks can be set up as metered or unmetered.
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