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Iristel is the first VOIP operator with coast to coast to coast coverage, offering SMS enabled Canadian DIDs with the most complete approach to meeting the technological challenges associated with the SMS service.
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P2P is an essential business function
The most critical factor in the success of SMS services is the immediate delivery of a message, which leads to revenue guarantee. IP-based service providers must be confident that messages are successfully delivered to end-users. In fact, a service provider’s success – and the success of the customers he serves – depends on the ability to manage a range of issues such as interoperability, network and routing, and complex business relationships that exist in the messaging industry.
The experience as a leader in the VoIP industry uniquely positions Iristel to effectively manage the telephony, network and business issues associated with successful delivery of SMS services. Iristel’s SMS solution is intended to be used for peer to-peer messaging (that is, between two subscribers, each having their own permanently assigned phone number), and is not a replacement for short-code aggregation type services.
Benefits of Iristel P2P messaging:
Direct connection to Iristel includes redundant SMPP binds.
Real Time Message Delivery, which provides real-time processing of messages versus batch message delivery.
Delivery Confirmation.
Fast configuration process and updates.
Redundancy through 2 dedicated servers.
Secured transmission through VPN.
Highly competitive interconnection costs.
The possibility to select Inbound Only SMS, Outbound Only SMS, or both.
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Iristel has been making massive strides as the first VOIP operator with coast to coast to coverage offering SMS enabled Canadian DIDs, offering the most complete approach to meeting the technological challenges associated with the SMS service. The SMS interconnections are done using SMPP protocol and all SMPP connections are done through VPNs. The SMS interconnection includes unlimited Inbound SMS (from mobile networks to customer), and Outbound SMS offered at wholesale pricing plans, based on monthly volumes.
Iristel Managed VPN Service
The Iristel-managed VPN service is a complete solution that offers data encryption, complete network design and engineering, and a 24-hour network support. Iristel understands that the customer requires reliable and efficient transport for mission-critical data.

10,000 SMS per second

With our powerful infrastructure behind you, feel the relief knowing reliability isn’t an issue.

Over 99% transmission

High delivery rate of P2P messages via a high capacity network.

48 hours setup

That is faster than most providers and in tune with the increased need to deliver nimble products to market.

Unlock the power of Iristel P2P Messaging
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