Number Porting

We have combined our expertise as a CLEC and MNO to offer you the key elements that will allow you to move numbers and ensure business continuity.

How Iristel executes number porting

The promise of seamless porting is something that we have always sworn by. Because you have enough to worry about, we remove the hassle of managing the porting og the number manually, dealing with different carrier requirements, red tape, and lack of support.
Dedicated team
of Porting
Portal and API
for portability
Our Espresso DID portal is one of the most versatile self-service portals in the industry.
The LNP module allows you to:
  • Submit Simple LNP Requests (one
    or several numbers for the same customer).
  • Submit batch LNP Requests (Bulk Orders, different customers).
  • Search through the submitted Requests
    and follow the status.
  • Edit a “Pending”/”Rejected”
  • Activate a Confirmed porting
  • Cancel the porting requests if the customer no
    wants to port the number(s).
  • View the History of your requests.

Optimizing our client experience

We take porting seriously and that is why we have put together a team of dedicated porting specialists that make sure the process runs smoothly no matter the number of DIDs or losing carriers involved in the process.

The team members have an average tenure of 5+ years in the company and they roles and responsibilities revolve exclusively around LNP. The consistency of the teams allows us to perform a large number of simultaneous ports, hot-cuts and outside hours projects.

Iristel CLEC status for over 20 years in Canada means that we have direct and solid relationships with all carriers’ LNP departments, we know the particularities of each of them and we are always following the latest industry standards.

The Iristel APIs are a suite of powerful tools for enabling you to keep the most crucial processes in the spaces your team is already familiar with. We have built the API to integrate the same functionalities as the portal with the added benefit of a dedicated API engineer to take care of your account.

In the long run, making use of our LNP API means that you will depend less on interaction with customer service, with increased response times and options to customize the client experience.

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