Number Dipping

Providers often realize 15% to 30% in savings on their network termination bills once they begin using a LNP dipping service.
The secret sauce of Iristel
Call routing can be a complex operation, often crossing several networks, each with a charge for passing through their yard. The LRN serves as the network address to route calls along the shortest and most cost effective path to their proper destinations. Iristel’s LRN dipping service allows Canadian CLECs, outbound clients and application providers to leverage a dedicated and nationwide VoIP network for LRN queries.
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Features of Iristel’s LNP Number Dipping
Month to Month subscription, no long term contracts.
Iristel’s LRN dipping service ensure that all the calls are efficiently routed and invoiced by the correct operator.
No charge per IP.
No charge per protocol used.
Use of a Least Cost Routing engine allows savings by selecting the carrier that charges the least amount per minute for the call.
The Iristel LRN dipping service provides a high ratio of completed calls.
Web based GUI allows for fast lookup of porting status and access to frequently updated query information to perform your own LNP local dips. It also allows you to upload your data and receive back the original numbers.
Customised protocols to fit your network needs.
Over 500 000 calls per second per server, with a typical response time below 5ms.
Geographically diverse servers ensure redundancy.
US and Canada coverage.
24/7 Monitoring.
Technical specifications & interconnection method:
Real-time protocols: simple UDP based API, SIP (based on redirects), ENUM especially used for LRN based routing.
API protocols: HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP, REST. Used for LNP applications.
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