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Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email.
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Our packages at a glance:
Iristel’s Virtual Fax is an Internet-based fax service that enables sending and/or receiving faxes using an email account.
Sending faxes through Iristel Virtual Fax service becomes as easy as sending a regular email. All you have to do is compose an email (plus any attachments, if desired), hit send, and your email (acting as a fax) will be forwarded to the destination fax machine(s) of your choice.
Easy & Convenient
  • Send and receive faxes over the Internet from the office, at home or on the road.
  • Do whatever you want with your virtual fax – print it, store it on your hard drive, or forward it easily to other associates.
  • Your “fax machine” is available 24×7.
  • No busy signals – you are able to receive multiple faxes at the same time.
  • Absolutely no loss in fax quality.
  • Simple and User Friendly!
  • Set up numbers in any of our local destinations across Canada or around the globe, including Toll Free.
  • No more fax toners and paper supplies, no more high cost and maintenance of fax machines, fax lines, fax servers, and long distance service.
  • Enhance your business communications by sending and receiving faxes to anywhere an internet connection is present worldwide, without costly hardware upgrades or additional software installations.
With a great company come great features:
Automatic Retries icon
Automatic Retries
Fax sending is automatically retried when lines are busy
Straightforward Pricing icon
Straightforward Pricing
The pricing components are clear, monthly charge for service and a per page fee. Unlimited incoming pages
Diverse File Formats icon
Diverse File Formats
Adobe PDF, ANSI Text, HTML, JPEG, XLSX, DOCX, PNG and others are supported natively
Customizable icon
Clients will benefit from the white labeled fax partition and form the ability to have custom fax cover pages for each of their direct users
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