CLEC Enablement

Iristel’s vast experience as a CLEC paired with its extensive network makes us the ideal partner for companies that are pursuing their CLEC designation in Canada.
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CLEC. Join us.
We have been operating as a Type I CLEC for over 20 years and have all the tools, network and interconnects to support a potential CLEC Type 3 or 4.
If you’re a service provider, you’ll gain multiple benefits by becoming a CLEC with Iristel’s underlying infrastructure providing you access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). We are committed to helping you seamlessly transition your services and will build a 100% IP connection to our tier 1 network, handling connections to the PSTN with transcoding and delivery of traffic to companies who still use legacy TDM technology.
Benefits you receive by
being on Iristel’s network:
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Network Dependability and Quality
Avoid backbone outages — our ubiquitous and robust all-IP network was designed and built by experts to be the largest and highest quality on-net footprint in Canada — we own and control every aspect of it.
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CLEC Benefits
Enjoy the many benefits of being a CLEC provider such as shared carrier network utilization, cost savings, positive shifts in expenses, vast number inventory and more.
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Control Your Numbers
We’ll enable you to be a CLEC, so you can own your phone numbers and critical processes, such as local number portability (LNP), calling name (CNAM), feature assignments and an end-user interface.
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Advantages of being a CLEC:
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Access to unbundled network services, such as network switches, colocation, phone and fiber lines and loops.
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Access to ILEC operational support systems for the co-ordination of provisioning essential facilities.
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Mandated rates for essential services.
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Own number ranges.
Toll Free numbers powered by Iristel.
of the ports occur precisely when the client wants it.
20+ Years
in service. Canada's CLEC with the most efficient coverage.
ordering and portability teams located on 3 continents.

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