A2P Messaging

A2P Messaging is essential for increasing the standard of service and quality of interaction between business and clients.
Unlike P2P messaging, A2P Messaging allows businesses to automate text messaging for appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, text message alerts, banking confirmations, automated bookings, text-based sales promotions, and more.
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A2P Messaging
Which type of A2P messaging
is right for you?
There are 3 types of A2P Messaging based on what kind of phone number the messages are sent from:
Toll-Free Messaging Icon
Toll-Free Messaging
10-digit Long Code Icon
10-digit Long Code
Short Codes Icon
Short Codes
The path of a business message differs in its structure compared to a standard P2P message. P2P messages rely only on a user’s mobile phone, wireless connection, and their carrier. Business messages travel via a different channel, through various aggregators and spam filters to protect end users, before being delivered to the user’s carrier that then applies their own spam filter to determine if the message should be delivered to the user.
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A2P Partner Benefits:
Increase Customer Engagement
Improve Security
Increase Customer Satisfaction
The Iristel Advantage:
State-of-the-art Platform
Dedicated Team of Messaging experts
Flexible cost structure
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