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Expertly manage people, machines, and systems in rugged, hard-to-reach areas. Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance help heavy industries expose operational inefficiencies, prevent machine breakdowns, and protect workers by analyzing data in real-time.


Mining Communications

Keeping your operations connected in the most remote parts of the world is our expertise.

Satellite Backhaul

Stay connected in the most remote areas with advanced Satellite Backhaul

Solar Powered Base Stations

Low power LoRa gateways and Satellite base stations for remote communications

Private LTE Networks

High-speed mobile networks available for private rural operations

Point-to-Point Virtual Fiber

Carrier-grade virtual fiber over the air for dedicated traffic across multiple work sites.

Connected Operations

Gain valuable insights on your operations by connecting your fleet, your devices and technology.

LoRa Network

Create a network of IoT data from multiple devices on top of a low power, wide range network.

Long Range, Low Power

We provide a wide range of connected devices that can be tracked at great distance using minimal battery consumption.

Machine Data

Have your connected devices work together to expand your operations capability and efficiency

Lone Worker Safety

Improve worker safety by using wearable technology GPS tracking

Remote Worker Safety

Track worker and visitor safety
Geo-fence alerts when entering restricted zones
Improve operations by finding fastest work routes
Find key personnel on the work site