Secure communications for defense and tactical teams

Defense & Security IOT

Expertly manage people, machines, and systems in rugged, hard-to-reach areas. Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance help heavy industries expose operational inefficiencies, prevent machine breakdowns, and protect workers by analyzing data in real-time.

Improved Border Security

Use smart devices, drones and tactical networks to secure borders and improve communication.

Encrypted Communications

Encryption layer for secure communications and data networks.

Remote Team Tracking

Track remote teams with GPS tracking and tactical mesh networks.


Tactical Operations

Combine tactical operations and secure networking for a fully integrated experience.

Secure Encrypted Data

Secure and encrypted data to communicate covertly

Smartphone User Interface

Use a familiar user interface for rapid texting and map views

Peer-to-Peer Geo-Location

Improve situational awareness to make better tactical decisions

Tactical Mesh

Smallest, lightest, most affordable tactical mesh networking radio

Satellite Backhaul Communications

Secure encrypted data communications over LEO satellite in areas with limited to no connectivity

Low Power Fixed or Mobile Base Stations

Low power satellite earth stations are affordable and can be powered using off-the-shelf solar panels

Point-to-Point Virtual Fiber

Establish last and middle mile wireless data connectivity quickly and effectively

Private LTE Networks

Install a private LTE network providing cellular connectivity for IoT devices and cell phones