is an Opportunity

Connect Today. Own Tomorrow.
Empower your enterprise

Intelligent data brings businesses, workers, and communities out of the dark and into the connected age.

Improve Your Awareness

Smart sensors, chips, and machine enhance performance, reduce risks, and solve problems before they even happen.

Protect your investment

IoT technology delivers efficient, cost-effective, and long-term solutions that evolve with your industry.

Your Industry Needs Iristel IoT

Staying Disconnected Isn’t an Option

Our scalable, data-driven IoT solutions will transform how you work and what you can achieve. Secure your future with Iristel IoT.

Energy and Resources

(Oil, Gas, and Mining)

What if heavy industries could streamline production, improve worker safety and efficiency, and minimize on-site setbacks?

Government and Military

What if governments could improve border security, protect critical infrastructures, and connect with remote tactical teams?

Smart Agriculture

What if farmers could simplify and streamline the entire process from farm to fork?

Connected Factories and Buildings

What if factories could accelerate production, optimize operations, and easily increase profits?

Smart Cities

What if city planners could transform infrastructures to intelligently reduce traffic, efficiently manage street lighting, monitor water usage and reduce municipal costs?

Transportation and Logistics

What if transport companies could track fleets, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce loss?

Why Iristel IoT?

Work Anywhere and Everywhere

Access your critical data from a secure, world-wide, cloud-based network

Access First-Class Assistance

Get professional assistance on your Cellular, LPWAN, or Satellite Backhaul connections

Protect Your Data

Protect your information with Iristel’s IoT Data and Application Hosting Services

Secure your future.
Join the IoT revolution.

Prepare, partner, and prosper with Irisitel IoT