When hackers attack
Will you be prepared?
Cyber attacks are increasing annually in unprecedented numbers,
often dealing fatal blows to businesses. Don't be the next victim.
Did you know...
  • Over 71% of cyber attacks occur at SME businesses
  • 60% of businesses that suffer an attack are out of business within six months
  • The average cost of a data breach for SME business is over 500k, restoring the business back to normal costs even more
What’s your cybersecurity status?
I am curious about it.
Locating the many weaknesses in your IT infrasctructure is just the beginning. We can help you get a clear picture of where you’re most vulnerable.
I know I need it.
We are glad you understand that data protection is no longer a choice - it’s your inherent responsibility by being in business. See our solutions.
I want a new provider.
You may already have a service, but we’re certain you can find even more reasons to switch to Iristel Cybersecurity. Let’s make this transition smooth
Iristel cybersecurity
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24×7×365 threat management

In today’s digitally connected world, you need a comprehensive yet practical security solution to enable your organization as well as protect it. At Iristel Cybersecurity, we manage the complicated information security and ever-increasing cyber threats, helping you grow and innovate with confidence.
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Iristel cybersecurity
Blocking crippling attacks

Cutting-edge technologies

We partner with best of breed technology partners and are on the pulse of emerging tech to mitigate single vendor risk and deliver the products to support your security stack.
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Keeping your business protected

Customized security

A unique 3-step approach starts from a 100% customized cybersecurity consulting that builds a comprehensive yet practical risk profile and roadmap that fit your unique business needs, to better inform risk mitigation planning.
Cybersecurity Consulting, Auditing & Training
We not only identify where your business is most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, but also provide solutions / recommendations on how to mitigate those risks.
24×7×365 SOC Monitoring
Next-Gen security operations center utilizing the best of breed technology and expert team will take on the daily operation of securing your network, and provide 24×7×365 proactive monitoring of your network.
Cybersecurity Consulting, Auditing & Training
We have extensive practical experience managing complex security breaches. Our disaster planning will help mitigate and cost and damage caused by these breaches.
The depth of our services and solutions are vast. Since every organization is fundamentally built differently to meet unique objectives, we’re here to develop a custom tailored security solution that also includes ongoing maintenance so you can remain worry-free all year round.
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