Protect your number from unsolicited calls, spam and fraud attempts.


Iristel provides over 7 million phone numbers to hundreds of telecom and technology companies around the world. Many of our customers then re-sell our numbers to other service providers. Unfortunately, there are a few cases where clients of these service providers are using these numbers to generate spam calls.

At Iristel, we are dedicated to rooting out such abuse and take corrective action when we can confirm it.

If you have been receiving spam calls which you believe are from a number that is provided by Iristel, then please report it by filling out this form. We will investigate and report to you on what we find and what action has been taken.

Please note that we are only able to block numbers that are registered to Iristel. There are many other providers of wholesale numbers in Canada. If the number is registered to another carrier, we will not be able to block it.


At Iristel, we believe you have a right to privacy, and we act accordingly. Any calling that is in violation of our terms and conditions will be stopped through our system within 48 hours. If such calling persists, it will mean that the calling is outside of our system, and you should contact the following regulatory agencies.

Anti-Fraud Centre

phone: 1-888-495-8501



phone: 1-877-249-2782


To speak with a Security Department Representative, please call 1-833-IRISTEL (1-833-474-7835) or e-mail us at